The company’s policy focuses on quality and compliance with environmental standards, but also requirements of know-how and efficiency.

Equipped with modern production means, it demonstrates responsiveness and flexibility. Besides, it guarantees its customers service, listening and competitiveness in terms of costs. All these values and strengths are what makes SOMEP INDUSTRIE strive for excellence today.

Strong corporate values are the basis of SOMEP Industrie’s growth:

  • Staff motivation
  • Modern industrial tools
  • Permanent search for competitiveness
  • Flexibility and listening to the customer






Protecting the environment has long been a major concern of the company, having had ISO 14001 certification since 2001. This certification is an environmental management standard created to meet new consumer requirements in terms of the environmental impact of companies.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, the company has put in place systems for recycling and limiting its energy consumption to reduce its ecological footprint: it goes from recycling of industrial waste and scrap, energy-saving heating, to recycling of coffee capsules and printer toner, etc.