The team at SOMEP Industrie is organised around several hubs:

  • General management
  • Administration-accounting
  • Commercial, quality, methods
  • Purchasing, logistics, IT
  • Production
  • Stocks, shipments
  • Maintenance


Subcontractor and co-designer, SOMEP INDUSTRIE puts various skills at the service of its customers: prototyping, manufacturing or even full support for logistics services.

The company has powerful IT resources: CAD / CAD (Computer-Aided Design / Drawing).

In addition, if the client wishes, the Design Office can participate in “project platforms” and thus offer the best-suited solution, in accordance with the specifications.

Two people assigned to the Methods Office take care of the prototyping and check the feasibility of the parts. Technicians are sent directly to the customer site.

Equipped with a MDAU (Mobile Design Assistance Unit) which consists of a three-dimensional measuring machine, a mini bender, a computer and a printer, they precisely define the passage of the tube, measure very precisely the lengths, angles, rotations and realise the model of the future product.

Before any launch of series production, a prototype and a pre-series are manufactured and then validated.

Production and logistics

The company is equipped with many machines:

  • Cutting line: saws, deburring machines, washers.
  • Cutting stations.
  • CNC bending machines.
  • Finishing machines: bead machines, flaring machines, horizontal and vertical presses, Parflange machine.
  • Assembly: semi-automatic welding, flame or induction brazing, TIG and TIG robot.
  • Parts measuring and control machines: measuring arm.
  • Tanks for carrying out leak tests.

The methods are diverse: single or multiple bending and special processes. The products are processed from co-design to finish, delivered complete and ready for their function. The company also offers kit manufacturing: a set of parts ready to be assembled is created, placed on a panoply and delivered directly to the customer, at the edge of the assembly line.

SOMEP INDUSTRIE is equipped with CAPM (Computer Aided Production Management) and Pro-Engineer and ERP Silog software/packages, which bring together information relating to production, distribution or finance.

Delivery times are respected thanks to a rigorous organization.

The EDI (electronic data interchange) system makes it possible to receive customer delivery schedules and integrate them into the company’s planning system on a daily basis, and to transmit delivery notes and invoices.

Through the production master plan, the company anticipates firm customer needs by supplying raw material and purchased products early enough. A daily analysis of the load and the versatility of the production staff (developed and maintained in the company for many years) allows the production capacity to be constantly adapted.

This particularly flexible organization makes it possible to monitor major load variations and ensure a service rate of over 98%.